10 reasons why water is worth drinking

why water is worth drinkingWater represents an average of 60% of the body weight of an average adult and is essential for life. Although we are aware of this, most Poles still drink too little of it. What are the consequences of this? Why do we need water?

Water does not provide the body with a significant amount of substances, but takes an active part in transporting ingredients from food to the body’s organs and cells. Helps to remove unnecessary metabolic products. Without her presence, no metabolic processes could have taken place in our body. Loss of about 1-2% of water in the body causes fatigue, but already 10%. – could endanger our lives. Why many Poles still drink too little of it. Here are 10 reasons why we need water:

Water is natural

Water is the most natural and basically the only fluid needed to live. It does not contain any unnecessary additives, there is no sugar and therefore no calories. Clean water should be the main source of fluids in our daily diet and should constitute at least 60-80 percent of what we drink all day long. Drinking water will have a positive effect on our health and well-being.

Water builds

The water content in the human body can be as much as 75% of the total body weight (newborns – 75%, adults – an average of 60%). Water is found in every tissue and cell of our body, thanks to which all the processes necessary for life can take place. Without food we can survive even a month, without water only a few days. Our body is unable to store more water, so we constantly need to replenish it.

Improves digestion

Water is essential for normal digestive processes. The formation of billets, their swallowing and further transport in the gastrointestinal tract depend on the appropriate water content in saliva, gastric juice, intestinal juice and bile. The lack of water causes all these processes to be disrupted. Proper hydration of the skin improves its appearance and effectively combats imperfections on the face.

Water slims down

Regular drinking of larger amounts of water between meals (and fasting and just before bedtime) is not without reason recommended for all people who want to lose weight. Drinking water not only improves our metabolism, but also suppresses excessive appetite. A glass of water drunk about 20 minutes before a meal helps to reduce the amount of food consumed, giving us a feeling of satiety. At the same time, we do not provide the body with unnecessary calories. Sometimes we confuse the feeling of thirst with hunger and instead of just reaching for a glass of water, we choose a calorie snack. Research shows that increasing the amount of water you drink and replacing it with other beverages helps to effectively prevent overweight and obesity, reduce body fat, and thus reduce body weight.

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Water slims down

The water purifies

Water helps to purify the body of unnecessary substances and toxins. This is because the final metabolic products are removed from it together with the urine. So if unsightly pustules appear on our skin, it may be the first sign that our body needs to be cleansed of toxins.

Improves physical endurance

Dehydration is the most common cause of the decrease in performance and endurance of the body during physical exercise. It results from, among other things, lowering the blood pressure of the trainer and then – weakening, as well as an increase in body temperature, causing discomfort. In addition, the ability of muscles to perform contractions also decreases, which may also affect the deterioration of the condition. Maintaining proper hydration before and during physical activity is an effective way to improve the efficiency of the body.

Water regulates our body temperature

When the ambient temperature becomes higher than the body temperature, water released as sweat starts to evaporate from the skin surface. Thanks to this mechanism, the body can easily regulate its temperature, both in summer and winter. Proper hydration helps to prevent our body from overheating.

Water protects

Water has a protective and moisturizing function because it is the basic ingredient of all body fluids. Its small amounts protect the eyeball, brain, spinal cord and even the developing fetus. Water also ensures proper mobility of joints. Add lemon juice to the water and enjoy your health

Water quenches thirst perfectly

Nothing quenches thirst better than water. It works best when we drink it often and in small sips. It is then absorbed into the tissues and used properly. The increased desire, which many of us ignore, is the first symptom of dehydration. That’s why we need to replenish our fluids before we feel thirsty.

Even slight dehydration has health implications

Dry mouth, loss of performance, heat, dizziness and headaches, fatigue, urinary tract dysfunction or changes in blood pressure
These are just some of the many effects of water scarcity on our diet. When the body is dehydrated, our cognitive abilities and concentration also weaken. Research indicates that this is due to the action of neurons in our brain, which, by recording water loss, signal this to other parts of the brain that are responsible for our well-being and ability to work mentally. Therefore, a person whose daily diet does not contain enough water can be irritated and tired. Over time, he may also experience insomnia, which further increases the scale of the problems.

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