How often do you need to bathe?

batheEspecially in autumn it is experienced by almost everyone: in the court dark and cold, and under a blanket warm and drowsy. In fact, you could just jump to bed and lie down to sleep. And then this stubborn thought appears: Do I need to wash today? The issue took a look at David Leffell, a head of dermatology at the Yale School of Medicine (USA).

about how often you need to take a shower, do not decide the rigid norm imposed by doctors, but rather targeting the social konwenansem intuition. In America and Europe the norm is one bath or a shower per day. As the Business insider gives, citing the data of Euromonitor International, the number of showers per month is increasing in the case of countries with a warm climate (an average of 11 baths a week in Brazil) and people who practise sports. Meanwhile, as Leffell convinces, so frequent baths are not a good idea.

How often do you take a shower?

One of the few guidelines for the number of weeks of bathing is recommendations for children. The American Dermatologic Society recommends one, two baths a week for children between 6. and 11. Years of age, unless the consolation came home very dirty and sweaty. It seems that this is not enough, but scientists argue that a small amount of dirt on the skin of a child will allow it to strengthen immunity.

Fortunately, the final judgement of doctors leaves parents who self-assess how their offspring need quick contact with water and soap.

What about adults?

Some dermatologists stand in the position that the shower twice a week is completely sufficient. Horror? Fortunately, doctors just add that the number of baths should depend on our sense of aesthetics and comfort. However, dermatologists (including the above-mentioned Leffell) hardly stand that kąpiemy a bit too often, which can negatively reflect on the condition of the skin.

How does the bath affect the skin?

The soap is made up of most of the fat and an alkaline substance which dissolves in water (e.g. salt or purified soda). These two components wipe off the skin with a layer of fat and oil that has accumulated since the last bath, dissolve it in water and drain dirt into the pipes with it. Likewise, the shampoo works, which flushes secreted by sebum sebaceous glands.

Therefore, according to Leffella, hair washing should also not be more frequent than every two to three days.

Rub in the fact that a long, hot shower with a decent scrubbing can be harmful to the skin. During its course not only do we deprive the skin of the protective layer, but also firmly wysuszamy it, which makes it susceptible to damage. What is more, a really hot bath and drying of the skin with a towel only enhances this undesirable effect.

As Leffell convinces, if we want to wash ourselves every day, we need to remember a few principles:

  1. Do not overdo it with hot water
  2. Do not kąp for more than 30 minutes (3 minutes fully enough)
  3. Use the lotion, especially just after leaving the shower, when the skin is still slightly moist.

Of course, the rules can safely approach Zdroworozsądkowo. After all, dry and slightly irritated skin (excluding cases of atopy) is not something specifically difficult to identify or cure. On the other hand, if someone does not feel like an evening shower… learning (within reasonable limits) is on its side!

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