Lemon juice – effects on health and beauty

Lemon juiceLemon juice is a rich source of vitamins, mineral salts, organic acids, phenolic compounds, pectins, fitoncydów and essential oils. The chemical composition makes it a natural medicinal material that helps to maintain health, slim silhouette and youthful appearance.

The prohealthy properties of lemon juice have been appreciated already in antiquity. It was used in traditional Chinese medicine, of which most probably lemons are derived. About the beneficial effect of these citrus on the health of Wzmiankował Hippocrates. In the eighteenth century, Lemon made a career as a cure for scurvy, which dziesiątkowałed seafarers. Today, lemon juice is the basis for slimming, cleansing and strengthening diets. It is also considered a reliable cosmetic agent.

Lemon juice – chemical composition

Lemon juice is a good source of vitamin C, necessary for the proper functioning of the organism. Ascorbic acid participates in the production of white blood cells, collagen, fat metabolism. Enhances the absorption of iron and vitamin E, works bactericidal. Lemon also contains many other vitamins: A, E, B1, B2, B3, B6, B9.

In lemon juice are mineral salts (mainly potassium, copper, magnesium and iron) that participate in almost all physiological processes. Lemon pulp is also rich in organic acids (especially lemons) with potent antioxidant, alkalizującym and antiseptic effect. In addition, citric juice is rich in polyphenolic compounds (routine, kwercetynę, resveratrol and hesperetynę), which strengthen the immunity of the organism and limit the damaging effects of free radicals. Present in lemon Fitoncydy are natural antibiotics, pectin is a soluble fraction indispensable in dietary fiber, while the aromatic citric oil has strong bactericidal properties and effectively alleviates symptoms associated with Cardiovascular system.

Lemon juice for slimming and good digestion

Contained in lemon juice, substances stimulate the production of digestive enzymes and improve intestinal peristalsis, improve metabolic processes, preventing flatulence and constipation. Moreover, they facilitate hydration of the organism, purify the digestive system from toxins, lower the glycemic index of some products and prolong the feeling of satiety after ingestion.

Calorie lemon juice helps to maintain the correct weight and can speed up weight loss. However, it must be remembered that the drink itself will not lose excess weight. They need to be linked to a balanced diet with negative energy balance and regular physical activity.

Lemon juice a cleansing and “Deacidification” of the body

Lemon juice has strong antiseptic properties and exhibits a diuretic effect. The compounds present in it dissolve the kidney and bile stones, reduce the amount of uric acid (its excess is the cause of many diseases), facilitate the excretion of harmful metabolic products. Thus lemon juice intensifies the process of purifying the body of toxins.

Contrary to appearances, lemon juice has alkalizing properties. In the process of metabolizing the acids contained therein arises principles that balance the pH of the body fluids by excessive consumption of forming products.

Lemon juice for the fight against infections and cancer

Lemon juice enhances the immune system and acts antiseptic. Therefore, its drinking is recommended for both prophylactic and bacterial infections or fungal infections. Thanks to the high antioxidant content of lemon juice can prevent kancerogenezie and even destroy cancer cells.

The compounds present in lemon juice slow the process of aging of the organism and also support the work of the cardiovascular system, reducing the risk of atherosclerosis, attacks, strokes.

Effect of lemon juice on skin, hair and nails

The constant presence of lemon juice in the diet, as well as topical use of it in a suitable concentration improves the condition of the skin. Bioactive substances soothe the symptoms of skin aging (smoothing it, make it firmer and elastic), eliminate blemishes, acne, blackheads. They also strengthen hair and nails – nourish them and counteract the harmful effects of external factors. Lemon juice naturally brightens hair and nail plates (e.g. smokers).

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