White teeth with homemade ways

White TeethMany people dream of a well-groomed, snow smile. This is why the various treatments for tooth whitening are very popular. It turns out that there are homemade ways by which you can significantly improve the whiteness of your teeth. Willing to try them is not missing but not all are safe. If you want to try them, and you do not know where to start, we have prepared for you a list of household methods that you should be interested in.

Not sure why your teeth don’t white as they should? There can be many reasons. about how to care for the smile we wrote last. Much depends on the lifestyle you are driving. If you smoke, you consume quite a lot of coffee, or you are an amateur of red wine, or sure that all these ingredients leave your mark on your teeth. What can I do to recover their whiteness? It turns out that a dentist’s visit is not the only way out. You can try on your own to take home ways to whiten your teeth. Here are 7 popular ways to whiten your teeth with homemade ways!
The most popular ways to white teeth

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Proper hygiene

Regular brushing of your teeth in the morning, evening and after every meal is essential. Before using the homemade ways of bleach, contact your dentist to remove the Tartar stone (more in the previous entry). Only after that you can proceed to action.

Pasta Whitening

From anywhere we are inundated with revelations about past bleach. Don’t let them fool you. It’s an advertising myth that sells well, but it certainly doesn’t produce the desired effects. However, if you decide to use a whitening paste, select it with your head. Poorly chosen may more harm than help, so your choice is best to consult with your dentist.

Bleaching belts

Gel strips are becoming more and more popular. How they are used is simple. Glue the upper and lower teeth strips twice a day, then leave them for about half an hour. The theory and effectiveness of stripes is as much as the people who used them. It all depends on your teeth and how much you want to whiten them. But don’t expect a dizzying effect. More in this marketing than real effects.

Brush, tack and two-phase whitening system

For the night after brushing your teeth, you can paint them brush whitening or bleach in stick. Depending on your expectations, the effects should appear after a week. However, they are not long lasting and persist for just a few days.

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